3D wreck photos

Welcome to my 3d wreck photos.These are anaglyphs, the style of 3D photo created with two views of the same scene with each view being a different colour. The infamous red and blue glasses are required to view these photos. If you happen to have some around, they are common enough, being given out for various promotions, 3D TV shows and the occasional magazine like National Geographic, you will get a pretty good sense of what the diver sees! Unfortunately, these photos leave a bit to be desired in the quality department. I quickly discovered that trying to get a good set of photos for a 3D composition was going to be tougher than I thought.Bad visability, strong current , divers all over the wreck stirring up sediment and popping into the picture. People do not lend themselves to good 3D photos unless they are absolutely motionless. I needed 2 photos or more of each scene so I would take a picture, and before I could take a second picture some diver would swim through the scene and stir up a cloud of sediment, or I would stir it up trying to stay in one place. But I did learn something after each dive and I will improve on the quality of these pictures. The Other 3D Photos really shows off good 3D. I modified the technique a bit. Just click on the picture, it will open in a new window, but is located so that you can click on another photo and it will refresh in the new window. Be patient, sometimes it takes a couple of seconds for the effect to appear. Try to focus on different spots in the picture. The photos are actually red and cyan, just in case you have a choice of glasses.

- Robert Gaskin
- Rothesay
- Other 3D Photos

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