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The Ottawa Scuba web site started as a project to learn how to use CSS to style web pages. Well,10 months later here it is. I'm lucky, scuba is my summer hobby and it's a sport where the learning never ends. It can be as complex as you want, from puttering around in 20 feet of water to cave diving, from wreck penetration to extreme depths and multi-stage decompression diving. It's this diversity that should keep me busy with this site for many years to come. I hope it proves helpful in some way to new divers in this area, and maybe even divers from anywhere that may come across this site and decide that some of the diving in this Ottawa region is worth a visit.

I welcome contributions to the site. The Ottawa Scuba site format is more or less defined now, and will probably remain in its current layout for the forseeable future. This means that if you would like to contribute to the site you can see what I would like you to provide. Each site needs a bit of history,the dive site details,some still images and some videos. You need not provide images and videos, we can take them ourselves or, if you are looking at a page on the Ottawa Scuba site that could use a few more images feel free to send them to me. Each site page will support 14 images and 13 videos. The pictures must be yours to give, do not pull pictures from other web sites. I will need your name and you will be given credit. If I have more I will just rotate them every now and then. For each image I need 3 copies, one at 100 x 100 pixels, one at 400 x 400 pixels and one at 1024 x 768 pixels. The videos must be in FLV or MOV format, and probably no more than 30 seconds long.

As long as I know where the site is located I can build the Google Earth file and the map. Please indicate whether the site is advanced, with current, a shore dive or not and any other small details you may have.

Since I would like to avoid the spam bots as best I can, my address is in an image. You will have to type it into your email program.

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As I come across interesting, scuba related sites on the WEB I will add the links to this public site. Click on the bob42 link to see them.

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