Weather Conditions Along The St Lawrence Seaway

The weather conditions along the St Lawrence river are of interest to any diver heading in that direction to do some diving, after all, rain falling while you are under water is not the same as rain falling during the surface interval. There can be a difference between Ottawa and some of these St Lawrence locations so don't cancel a trip because of the weather in Ottawa. There is data from a couple of the buoys, one in lake Ontario and one in lake Erie. The ones on the St Lawrence were shut down. My experience shows me that the buoy temperature is pretty close to what we experience while diving. 45135 is located at Prince Edward Pt Lake Ontario, 45132 is at Port Stanley Lake Erie.

These conditions are from the weather network so don't blame me! 8-) Click on any of the links for more details.

Buoy locations and data. You may have to scroll the map a bit.

A nicely placed web cam in Brockville, you can see the St Lawrence river. Thanks to Brian Prince. His website is Brian's Web Cam Site

Check out Brian's site for live video of the river.

The site must be experiencing a problem.

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