Ultra Violet Dive Light
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The dive light available for experimentation
Inside look, note where positive and negative are located
Dive bulb to replace. New LED and base cannot exceed original bulb and base length
Dollar store
It is only a buck, better test before we go too far.
Bulb wrapped with tape. Squeeze gently with pliars so as to not damage the connectors inside.
Perfect, now remove the filament.
IMPORTANT: Use jumpers to mimic the polarity that will come from the light. Note which filament lead is positive.
The LED held in a vise and tinned with solder. The positive lead is marked
The base held in a different vise and the leads tinned with solder.
LED and base leads soldered together. Remember the overall length. It has to fit back in the same light head.
Tested with jumpers and proper voltage.
We need 4.5 volts from the 9 volts in the light. Take 3 batteries and tape both ends.
Cover completely with tin foil. This keeps the voltage flowing but does not add to the total voltage.
I cover one with tape on the side because it will touch another tin foil covered battery and I don't want a short.
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