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Various Ottawa Scuba dive images Ottawa Scuba, the web site, is dedicated to the diving around Ottawa Ontario, Canada. This region has fantastic diving, all within 160 kilometers. Several good scuba shops call Ottawa home, with more only a couple of hours away. Ottawa scuba divers may not know how diverse the diving can be around here, we will try, with this websites' videos and stills to show you the sites that are close by. If you are an old hand at Ottawa area diving these images will bring back memories, if you are a new diver, congratulations at taking up a wonderful sport and take a look inside for what is conveniently close for the type of dive you feel trying.

The Ottawa area offers up rivers, lakes and quarries. The Ottawa river is right at hand, but has been compared to diving in tea. This "tea" however is full of history. Around the bay at the bottom of the parliament hill were situated buildings, and where there are people and water there will be things thrown into the water. At least one scuba shop in the Ottawa area has some torpedo bottles found on the bottom of the river. The amount of garbage tossed into the river near the Ottawa rowing club is amazing. I saw an old motorcycle there. If one feels like getting wet without going to the St Lawrence for a dive, or maybe just checking out some new gear in a nice environment, Morrison quarry is only 20 minutes north of the city. With a plane, boat and car on the bottom there is something to see, and bungee jumping to watch while on your surface interval.

Check out my experimental photos, 3D no less! You will need some 3D glasses, the red/cyan type to see the photos in 3D. Wreck photos in 3D

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